Sunbelts of Knowledge

Sunbelts of Knowledge
Sunbelts of Knowledge
A Painting by Priti Ghosh of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry.
The image ‘Sunbelts of Knowledge’ by Priti Ghosh  speaks of the New Dawn, which will come with the New Creation, along with the Supramental Manifestation on earth.
Sri Aurobindo has said in Savitri:
Affranchised from the net of earthly sense
Calm continents of potency were glimpsed;
Homelands of beauty shut to human eyes,
Half-seen at first through wonder’s gleaming lids,
Surprised the vision with felicity;
Sunbelts of knowledge, moonbelts of delight
Stretched out in an ecstasy of widenesses
Beyond our indigent corporeal range.
There he could enter, there awhile abide.
A voyager upon uncharted routes
Fronting the viewless danger of the Unknown,
Adventuring across enormous realms,
He broke into another Space and Time.

[ Sri Aurobindo : Savitri :Bk I Co V: Last 13 lines.]

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